A Prezi for marginal phenomena


In the course of our research on manuscript margins, we have encountered many specific phenomena which require a name and a description. In this Prezi presentation, we offer you a guided tour of several of these phenomena, and present the names we have given them.

Please note that the categories are not mutually exclusive: a marginal annotation can, for example, be both a reading cue, and a Tironian note. And please also note that the list is not yet complete: we still find new specific things that deserve to be observed and catalogued in our database. And last but not least: please also note that the terminology we chose is not yet definite. We are emphatically open to other, better suggestions. So: if you have brilliant ideas, please share them with us.

To conclude: this is only a start. We hope that it will offer you some background to see the margin and its specific textual practices better.

Prezi Annotating Pracitices in Medieval Manuscripts


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